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Indiana Spring Snow Series

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Spring snow in mid to late April in northern Indiana is not unusual.  We can get snow on our spring flowers even into early May (although this is rare). 

The last day for snow in the spring in Schererville was:

2023  -  April 17th

2022  -  April 18th

2021  -  April 21st

2020  -  April 17th

2019  -  April 27th

April snows are generally short and not too cold - usually just cold enough... and they melt quickly, too.   Snow insulates the flowers and the bulbs, but it is the FROST that kills.  Late frost after a warm spell is dangerous to plants whose metabolism has been stimulated to produce tender spring growth. The effects can be damaging to flower buds and even to roots, endangering the survival of some varieties and diminishing the bloom and fruiting of others.

While the frost and cold may not be great for the plants, the snow on and around spring flowers can be so beautiful to behold.  Because the spring snows here in Northwest Indiana are so ephemeral, it is best to snap pictures immediately, and enjoy the contrast of spring and snow while it lasts.

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