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Hi.  I'm Stephen.  I haven't been PostCrossing for very long.  I joined in August 2019.  I wonder why I didn't know about it sooner.  

I am a philatelist (stamp collector) and postmark collector.  I have pen pals throughout the world with whom I've been writing for years.  PostCrossing allows me to mix ALL of those interests  and so much more.  It's great to get surprise postcards from strangers ALL OVER THE GLOBE.  I love seeing the world through the eyes of my fellow PostCrossers and to gain a little insight into their lives.  Thanks so much for sharing.

I've known for quite some time that postcards are getting harder to find.  I didn't realize how hard it was until I had to find postcards of non-touristy places to show off my home state.  Once I started PostCrossing, I realized that I would need to step up and create my own line of postcards to show off the beauty of Indiana.   So, starting November 1, 2019, I began sending out my own postcards in several different series.

If you have found this page, chances are that you have received one of my custom postcards.  I wanted a way to share more information about Indiana  than could ever fit on a postcard.  So, look around.  As I create more postcards, this page and the number of links will grow.  Find the link named on your postcard for more information about the subject of your postcard... and feel free to look at any other links.  I hope you enjoy the information I have to offer.


I am an attorney and a professional photographer (you can see some of my work if you explore this website).  I live in Schererville, Indiana.  Schererville is a town in the Northwest corner of Indiana (just south of Lake Michigan and just outside of Chicago).

I love to travel to see the world and meet all sorts of interesting people.  I was a Rotary Exchange Student to Sweden in high school.  I did part of my legal studies for my Juris Doctorate degree in Charles de Gaulle University - Lille III (Lille, France) studying European Union, French, German, and British law.  I have also lived in Switzerland, Germany, & Austria.  I have visited Australia multiple times.  I greatly enjoyed my time in Japan.  I look forward to future travels to see many other places that I have not yet been.

I have a passion for photography.  I greatly enjoy portraiture work, and I L-O-V-E wedding photography (With only one chance to get it right, it keeps me challenged all day long).  Photographing children is challenging, but SO MUCH FUN.  I am starting to venture into landscape photography more and more.  Unfortunately, I have never been able to make much money at photography, but I have a law job for money. 

I have a young son who is now 10 years old.  He is very imaginative and expressive.  He enjoys writing stories and illustrating them.  He is a big fan of video games, and we often play all sorts of video games together.


Lake Michigan Series

Canadian Goose Series

Indiana Spring Snow Series

Indiana Winter Series

Hoosier Harvest

Indiana Amish Series

PostCrossing Postcards Received by Me

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